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Limits of Boise State Liability

Limits of Boise State University’s Liability

By voluntarily participating in a study abroad program you are assuming some risks. While we have done our best to make you aware of these risks, we cannot eliminate all risk. We follow NAFSA’s “Guidelines for Responsible Study Abroad”. However, you should be aware that Boise State University and/or its program officers:

  • Cannot monitor or control all of the daily personal decisions, choices, and activities of individual participants.
  • Cannot guarantee or assure the safety of participants or eliminate all risks from the study abroad environments.
  • Cannot prevent participants from engaging in illegal, dangerous or unwise activities.
  • Cannot assure that U.S. standards of due process apply in overseas legal proceedings or provide or pay for legal representation for participants.
  • Cannot assume responsibility for the actions of persons not employed or otherwise engaged by the program sponsor, for events that are not part of the program, or that are beyond the control of the sponsor and its subcontractors, or for situations that may arise due to the failure of a participant to disclose pertinent information.
  • Cannot assure that home-country cultural values and norms will apply in the host country.