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Adrian Rodriguez

Improving Hispanic Family Caregiver Projects: Identifying How Unique Barriers and Cultural Values Influence Service Utilization and Caregiver Roles

Adrian Rodriguez presenting at 3MT 2023Abstract

Aging populations in the United States are growing more diverse every year with the largest growth seen within Hispanic populations. Hispanic caregivers to loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias experience unique barriers in accessing public health services including much needed healthcare. This paper aims to identify how public health programs have successfully implemented public health interventions within Hispanic populations. This literature review
utilizes peer-reviewed articles and grey literature on Hispanic caregivers and diverse caregivers to identify unique barriers experienced, such as socioeconomic status, language, cultural competence, immigration status, transportation, insurance coverage, and healthcare cost, that contribute to reduced healthcare access and reduced utilization of formal caregiver services. Successful public health interventions and similar caregiver programs must consider barriers and cultural values
unique to Hispanic communities in their development and implementation. This research paper contributes to the documented need for additional research on programs that assist Hispanic caregivers.