Graduate Student Success Center


The Graduate Student Success Center puts on many workshops to help students in all of their graduate careers.

Upcoming Workshops

GradSkills: Writing a Worthy Abstract

Wednesday, March 4
12 — 1:30 p.m.
Riverfront Hall, 102B

We’ll offer tips and experienced advice on how to go about writing a great abstract so your paper gets accepted to that academic conference you’ve had your eye on.

For all current graduate students

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GradSkills: Methods on Managing Stress

Tuesday, March 10
12 — 1:30 p.m.
SMASH, Room 118

We will offer tips on how to reduce your stress throughout a semester and learn that sometimes stress can be a good thing.

For all current graduate students

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GradSkills comprises various workshops for current students such as Communicating Your Scholarship, How to Prepare for an Oral Defense, and Gearing Up for Finals. These workshops aim to help graduate students gain the skills they might not learn in the classroom to utilize their degree once they graduated. GradSkills puts on workshops year-round and is open to all current students for free.


GradWriteis a writing retreat designed to help graduate students with their writing projects.  There are presentations on common problems graduate writers face, access to writing coaches, and dedicated writing time to work on papers and projects.

GradWrite With Me (Online)

GradWrite With Me is our version of GradWrite that is available for online students that will happen right alongside the in-person workshop. Students will sign into a Google Hangout Meeting every morning where the participants attending virtually, and possibly the ones attending in-person too, will be in a group together. There will be the presentation in the morning and then everyone can write while still in the Google Hangout Meeting. If you have a question or need help with something, your peers will be right there with you to help you through whatever you need. Our writing coaches will be available for students to set up a one-on-one session via video call with for individualized help as well. 

Check out our GradWrite page to register or for more information.

How to Wow Your Committee: Intro to a Quality Defense

Once a semester we put together a panel discussion and Q & A session featuring faculty from diverse disciplines across campus in order to help demystify the defense process and guide students to a successful defense.

Additional Resources

Graduate Student Success Center staff are available to meet with both individuals and groups of students. We can also create a workshop to meet your specific or departmental needs. If you have additional questions – on anything from deadlines and workflow, to templates, citations, and writing – we are here to serve you. Contact GSSC by phone at (208) 426-3604.