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GradPrep’s Fall 2023 seminar series was held August 14-17.

Resources for New Graduate Students

Start Successfully with GradPrep

GradPrep is a seminar series offered the week before classes begin each semester. Sessions offered this spring provide an overview of topics all incoming graduate students want to know to prepare for a successful graduate school journey.

GradPrep Fall 2023 Line Up

GradPrep is held the week before classes begin. Students may attend any and all sessions.

GradPrep closed with New Student Orientation on August 18.

Day 1: We are GSSC and Communicating in Style

We are GSSC—10:00 – 10:45 a.m.
Communicating in Style—10:45 – 11:30 a.m.

Watch Recording Here

Topic 1: We are GSSC

We are GSSC focuses on services provided by the GSSC in support of student success. Services covered in this module include Bronco Finish Line, GradSkills, GradWrite, 3 Minute Thesis, Thesis Academy, and Thesis/Dissertation services. This session will provide a brief overview of what each of these programs is designed for and how students can access these services. The session will be presented by Wayne Cochrane, Graduate Student Success Coordinator.

Topic 2: Communicating in Style

Communicating in Style will focus on developing presentation skills, highlighted by an introduction to Three Minute Thesis/Graduate Student Showcase. This session will give students a first-hand experience of how to put together an elevator pitch, demonstrated by past 3MT participants, as well as introduce students to the assistance offered by the GSSC (How to Wow). This session is designed to be fun and interactive and frames 3MT as a skills-building exercise. The goal of this session is to encourage students to sign up for the major programs while they study at Boise State (encouraging participation across campus). The session will be presented by Wayne Cochrane, Graduate Student Success Coordinator.

Day 2: Conquering Stress and What is Graduate Writing?

Conquering Stress—10:00 – 10:45 a.m.
What is Graduate Writing?—10:45 – 11:30 a.m.

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Topic 1: Conquering Stress

This session is designed to give students ways to cope with the stress of graduate school, including work-life balance, juggling academic loads, working with peers, and building relationships with faculty. A general overview of GradWell and other services will be provided (and enhanced with additional content). Session presented by Laci McCabe, GSSC writing coach.

Topic 2: What is Graduate Writing?

This session will highlight the difference between writing at the undergraduate/graduate level, provide information to students on how to utilize current skills and learn new graduate-level writing skills, and connect students to the help provided in the GSSC focused on writing. The session will be presented by Laci McCabe and Mark Colafranceschi (GSSC writing coaches) and Wayne Cochrane, GSSC coordinator.

GradPrep Day 3: Keeping it All Together and Time Saver Central

Keeping it Together will run from 10:00 – 10:45 a.m.
Time Saver Central will run from 10:45 – 11:30 a.m.

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Topic 1: Keeping it All Together

This session focuses on ways students can organize their academic efforts, including research, writing, and presentation skills. Students will be able to explore organizational avenues that work for them and ask questions of GSSC GAs about issues they’ve faced as graduate students. Reference managers, such as Mendolay, etc., will be discussed. The session will be presented by Laci McCabe and Mark Colafranceschi, GSSC writing coaches.

Topic 2: Time Saver Central

This session will highlight the services provided by the Albertsons Library. Dr. Elizabeth Ramsey will provide a guided tour of what the library offers, including research opportunities/accessing sources, utilizing librarians assigned to students’ colleges, and how to use the library for studying.

GradPrep Day 4: Importance of Mentorship

Watch Recording Here

Topic: The Importance of Mentorship

This session will highlight the importance of finding mentor relationships in graduate school. Associate Dean in Residence, Dr. Kristin Snopkowski, will teach students why mentorship is important and explore practical ways to build mentor relationships. This session will also highlight the mentor programs available at Boise State. Presented by Kristin Snopkowski, Associate Dean in Residence, Graduate College.