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Thesis and Dissertation Submission Information

We have recently moved over to ProQuest ETD for all thesis/dissertation submissions. 

ProQuest is one of the largest, multidisciplinary, full-text databases with a variety of content types, including theses and dissertations. When published, your thesis/dissertation will be accessible to anyone who has access to the ProQuest database, allowing academics from all over the world to view your research. 

In addition to ProQuest, Boise State University uses ScholarWorks as an online repository for the publishing of all Theses and Dissertations. Your thesis/dissertation will be published here subsequently. Content included in ScholarWorks is openly available and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Inclusion of Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations helps demonstrate the incredible contributions by Boise State students and assists in promoting research opportunities for future students.

Need Assistance?

Still confused on how to submit your document? Check out our step-by-step ProQuest Submission Instructions for further information.

Contact the Graduate Student Success Center at: 426-1026 or

ProQuest Guide