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In Idaho and Beyond: Meet the Genetic Counseling Cohort

 In fall 2019, Boise State became the first university to offer an online master of science degree in genetic counseling. The program requires full-time enrollment over the course of five semesters, in addition to required clinical fieldwork. Genetic counselors are specialized in helping patients navigate decisions regarding their genetic health, whether it is regarding treating genetic diseases or navigating their family medical history. 

Twelve students made up the program’s first cohort, with only one of those students residing in Idaho. The other eleven students are scattered across the United States, with one student currently living in the Middle East.   

First year genetic counseling student Angie Kapely, is currently living in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She credits living in Saudi Arabia for her interest in pursuing a career in genetic counseling. “Living here has inspired me to make my career transition back into the sciences due to the high number of genetic disorders in the country,” said Kapely. 

Another cohort member, Abbie Bronson, is in Rochester, Minnesota where she works at a Cytogenetics lab at the local Mayo Clinic. After finishing the program, Abbie looks forward to moving back west to work as a genetic counselor in the pacific northwest. 

Learn more about the Genetic Counseling program program by visiting the Genetic Counseling website