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GradWell: Meeting graduate student wellness needs

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In fall 2018, the GradWell program was started through a collaboration between the Graduate College and Counseling Services. The program focuses on providing graduate students and faculty members with mental wellness education, access to mental health resources, and fostering student community connections.

Graduate students are more likely than the general population to report symptoms of depression and related anxiety. To combat this issue, GradWell offers students a training series for graduate students that are offered on the first Wednesday of each month. However, the program does not only offer resources for students, but also provides resources to staff and faculty as well.

Faculty members can access resources online and are encouraged to utilize the GradWell syllabus insert, which includes information regarding graduate student mental health issues and how their students may seek help.

“Throughout the past year I’ve had the opportunity to hear from graduate students across campus and there are several shared themes I hear from graduate students again and again,” said Brette Stephenson, the GradWell program coordinator and current graduate student. “They’re concerned about time management, how to balance their academic, professional and personal lives.”

In the future, the program hopes to host events and coordinate mentoring opportunities. These meetups will allow students from across campus to connect with one another in the hope that through increased awareness, GradWell will create an environment that values student wellness and a culture that supports students in seeking assistance.

Here are upcoming dates and topics for the workshops:
Dec. 4 – Impostor Syndrome
Feb. 5 – Competitiveness
Mar. 4 – Financial Stress
April 1 – Fear of the Future

To learn more about the program and ways to get involved, visit the GradWell website.