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Admission and Enrollment

You must be admitted to a graduate program prior to the start of your assistantship and remain in an admitted status while employed. You must show you are on track for successful degree progress by enrolling in a minimum of 5 credits (Policy 7170 4.4.7). Some departments require Graduate Assistants to take 9 credits. A GA who is also an international student must register as a full-time graduate student (at least nine (9) credits). A GA who will complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester need only register for the credits required to graduate (but not fewer than 1 credit), but must submit a Final Semester Enrollment Verification form which requires approval from both your advisor and Graduate College, and you must apply for graduation.

During summer and intersessions, you must meet intent to enroll criteria, which typically means you must be enrolled in the minimum number of credits for the following term.

Educational and Developmental Activities

GAs are expected to participate in additional activities to meet degree requirements or enhance skills and knowledge, such as learning, instruction, training, or research. There are no limits on time spent on these, and you may or may not earn academic credit. These activities are non-compensated.