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Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP)


The Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) allows master’s students who are residents of Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) member states to enroll in graduate programs at some 60 public institutions outside of their home state and pay resident tuition. In fall 2018, 1,478 students enrolled through WRGP and saved $22.7 million dollars in tuition. Boise State University is a member of the WRGP.

Minimum GPA requirement: 3.30 or above on a 4 point scale.



Visit the WICHE website for additional information

  • Alaska (AK)
  • Arizona (AZ)
  • California (CA)
  • Colorado (CO)
  • Hawaii (HI)
  • Montana (MT)
  • Nevada (NV)
  • New Mexico (NM)
  • North Dakota (ND)
  • Oregon (OR)
  • South Dakota (SD)
  • Utah (UT)
  • Washington (WA)
  • Wyoming (WY)
  • US Pacific Territories and Freely Associated States
Silhouette of a graduation cap on top of a university degree


Learn more information about our degree programs

  • Accountancy (Master’s)
  • Anthropology (Master’s)
  • Athletic Training (Master’s)
  • Biology (Master’s)
  • Business Administration — Full Time (Master’s)
  • Criminal Justice (Master’s)
  • Economics (Master’s)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (Master’s)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (Doctorate)
  • Health Science (Master’s)
  • History (Master’s)
  • Kinesiology (Master’s)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Political Science (Master’s)
  • Public Administration (Master’s)
  • Public Health (Master’s)
  • Raptor Biology (Master’s)
  • Social Work — In-Person (Master’s)