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Admission Requirements for a Graduate Degree or Certificate Program

Each graduate program has its own admission criteria, in addition to the minimum admission requirements of the Graduate College. To ensure the best opportunity for admission, applicants are encouraged to review the specific admission requirements and application procedures provided by the program. Admission is competitive and otherwise qualified applicants may be denied admission based on factors established by each program. In addition to academic merit (as reflected by GPA, test scores, and other information), a program’s recommendation may be based on factors including but not limited to:

  • program capacity or space limitations
  • the perceived strength of the candidate’s application in relation to other applicants
  • the availability of faculty with expertise in an area of study
  • the candidate’s demonstrated ability to write well, work collaboratively, communicate respectfully and effectively, take constructive feedback, work under pressure, and/or otherwise prepare and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with program expectations, professional ethical and/or licensure requirements, and Boise State University policies and procedures, including its Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Shared Values.

Graduate programs may use information submitted as part of the application, as well as additional sources, in the process of evaluating and recommending applicants for admission.