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Video Transcript – Welcome From The Dean

0:03 – Hello Students I’d like to welcome you and thank you for joining us today at
0:07 – the graduate College’s annual doctoral recruitment Event. My name is Scott
0:11 – Lowe. I’m the interim dean of the graduate college on behalf of the graduate faculty,
0:15 – the staff of the graduate college and the leadership near Boise State.
0:19 – I want to welcome you to the doctoral recruitment event. I know that you’re all laser focused on
0:25 – your prospective graduate programs and your graduate studies. But I do want you
0:30 – to know. The doctoral education is central to the mission of Boise State University.
0:34 – Boise State remains the largest graduate college in Idaho. From
0:40 – Spring, 2019 to spring 2022 our graduate enrollments grew by 12%.
0:46 – Last year we conferred the most graduate degrees in the history of the institution,
0:51 – and in the history of the State over 1,100 graduate degrees. including 59 doctoral degrees.
0:58 – The growth and the number of doctoral degrees conferred is a result of tremendous growth
1:03 – in the number of programs, but also also within program growth.
1:08 – When I first arrived at Boise State in 2006, BSU had just conferred its first Ph.D.
1:14 – Within the next 6 years 3 more doctoral degree programs came online. but in the last
1:20 – 10 years we’ve added 8 additional doctoral degree programs bringing us to 13 total.
1:26 – I anticipate that we’re going to see 2 or 3 new more doctoral programs implemented over the next
1:31 – few years, so this growth trend should should very well continue. The reason that you’re here
1:37 – today is because Boise state is committed to recruiting the best graduate students.
1:42 – We are committed to designing and redesigning our graduate curriculum,
1:46 – so that it meets the demands of this workforce. We support our students while they are here in
1:51 – their programs. and we help them find placement when they finish. We work with academic advising
1:58 – and the career center to prepare them to get and succeed in their postgraduate careers.
2:04 – In support of our new graduate students. The graduate college provides programming
2:08 – and services and we continue to add opportunities yearly writing skills,
2:14 – mentoring and advising workshops, mental wellness. etc. You’re going to have the chance to hear a
2:21 – lot more about these programs today via the digital recordings that we’re going to make
2:25 – available on a linked page.
2:27 – The graduate college puts our graduate students success at the forefront of everything that we do.
2:33 – For Example, our Gradwell program be well to do well. Is our graduate mental health
2:38 – and wellness framework, and it supports the both students and faculty. We recognize that wellness
2:44 – plays a critical role in student success and are doing our best to provide counseling services,
2:48 – educational initiatives, and access to resources.
2:53 – For the past 4 years the graduate college has sponsored an associate Dean in residence
2:57 – with a focus on graduate mentoring and advising. We work with students
3:02 – and faculty to get the most out of their mentor/mentee relationships.
3:06 – In 2021, a survey of those mentoring efforts,
3:10 – those mentoring and advising efforts indicated that the adviser and mentor measures of support,
3:15 – in availability, motivation, and serving as a role model
3:19 – are all exceptionally high at Boise State. Boise State has always been a place of innovation and
3:25 – we’re going to continue to innovate and reimagine graduate education. The doctoral
3:30 – programs that you will thrive in are like, unlike any other doctoral programs around the country.
3:35 – Many of you will develop an interdisciplinary supervisory committee. You may draw from any
3:41 – one of our 50 graduate-focused programs across campus. We review our curriculum regularly,
3:46 – and we make sure that it is cutting edge and unique.
3:49 – We allow you to engage with faculty and fellow doctoral students from across campus.
3:55 – As you meet with your program leaders today, and the faculty,
3:58 – I encourage you to ask them about the amazing things that their doctoral students are doing.
4:04 – On behalf of the graduate college staff, the graduate faculty across Boise State and my
4:09 – fellow deans and leaders on campus. I hope that you have an amazing experience today,
4:13 – and I hope one day to welcome you to Boise State.