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Pre-Dental Students – Roseman University’s College of Dental Medicine in South Jordan, UT

This fabulous course is put on by the students at Roseman University and it is meant to help pre-dental students see what life would be like not only as a full-time student at Roseman University but how unique Roseman is and the innovative 6-point Mastery Learning Model they use.

The event is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, April 4th- 5th, 2019

  • The sponsors have worked out a special discounted rate for hotels nearby for those who are traveling.
  • Over these two days, pre-dental students will get to hold a handpiece and practice the new BioClear™ method of preparing teeth for restorations.
  • There will also be other hands-on activities to demonstrate the manual dexterity demands of dental students.
  • With applications to dental school rising each year, the attendees will also get to hear from the Deans of Roseman and listen to a lecture about the “secrets of the admissions committee” to better themselves in order to be the most competitive applicant they can be.
  • All attendees will also be registered as an ASDA pre-dental member and have access to hundreds of dollars of free sources, including CE courses for the first year, discounts on DAT prep materials, and much more. Each attendee will be given a free copy of Getting into Dental School – ASDA’s Guide for Predental Students which has a plethora of information on of every single ADA accredited dental school in the world. Among other things, it has a predental timeline for application, tips on preparing for the DAT, how to get a great letter of recommendation, interview tips, how to choose a dental school that is right for you, and information about schools (tuition, admissions requirements, application processes, etc.)

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Friday and Saturday, and a special event where we have dinner with faculty on Friday night! All attendees will get to ask faculty risk-free questions about Roseman, dental school, or other questions they may have. We will also have a raffle for hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes and give a commemorative t-shirt to all attendees.

Please see the 2019-Roseman-Sim-Course-Flyer for more information. Those interested in registering can do so at our website. We only have 100 seats available and they tend to fill quickly so we wanted to reach out sooner this year in order to give more people a chance to participate.