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Pre-Health Professions Pathways

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the health field?

The College of Health Sciences Student Services and Academic Advising office offers advising for any student in any major interested in pursuing a pathway in several health professions. Boise State graduates have attended professional schools in many of the areas below and all over the country. Select below to learn more about these exciting and dynamic professions and the pathway towards each area:

Resources and Tools

Check out our Pre-Health Library stocked with testing materials and reference books; learn more about the vast field of health professions, and learn how to zero in on finding the right professional school for you. 

Students who are pursuing a Pre-Health Pathway at Boise State University are also encouraged to:

  • Meet with a pre-health professions advisor each semester
  • Regularly attend Pre-Health Professions Pathway events (i.e. cohort, student organization, and graduate school meetings)
  • Learn more about the abundant campus resources available as well as how to access valuable experiences that will strengthen your graduate school application.¬†

College of Health Sciences Events

New advising team structure allows College of Health Sciences advisors to offer more student services
SHPEP Application Now Available

College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences strives to provide high quality, affordable, relevant education to its students and the campus community through health-related initiatives and resources. The college believes that students can learn more from each other through interprofessional education learning opportunities to advance life-long health in global communities. Below is the list of schools, resources, and initiatives housed in the College of Health Sciences.

Visit the College of Health Sciences 

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