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Ada County Coroner’s Office Internship Program – Spring Internships

The Ada County Coroner’s Office offers a proven and highly successful Coroner Student Internship program. The program provides an outstanding opportunity for college students to gain practical, hands-on experience in the field of Forensics and Medicolegal Death Investigations.

Our intern program selects 3 to 4 interns each semester from a wealth of applicants who attend one of several Treasure Valley schools. Interns will have the opportunity to work directly with one of the following: Forensic Division, Investigations Division, or the Administration Division of the Ada County Coroner’s Office. Duties include participating in Forensic autopsies/external examination, Forensic photography, Forensic radiography, Morgue lab processing, Medicolegal death scene investigations, Agency management, Anthropology and more.

  • Exceptional Upper Division and Graduate students with both experience and interest in a related field of study (e.g. Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Biology, Nursing) are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications currently accepted for Spring, Summer, and Fall Internships.
  • Spring semester (up to 6 credits) approx. 20hrs/week; M-F 8 AM-12 PM
  • Summer semester (up to 4 credits); approx. 20hrs/week; M-F 8 AM-12 PM
  • Fall semester (up to 6 credits); approx. 20hrs/week; M-F 8 AM-12 PM
  • Schedules are open to flexibility based on student’s work and school requirements for the Investigations and/or Administration Division internships. Forensic Division Internships are required to be available M-F 8-12 pm for cases.

To apply, please submit the following material to Laura Larson. Email:
(Check with your department first on internship application processes).

  1. Resume /CV
  2. Letter of intent
  3. Copy of unofficial transcripts
  4. Indicate which semester you are interested in applying for

*Please Note: If you are selected as an intern, you will be required to pass a background check.
Eligibility for internship opportunities is based on an affiliation with accredited Universities.