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Looking for a new job? St Luke’s is hiring for a Nutritional Center Technician

St Luke’s is hiring for a Nutritional Center Technician

Please note the brief description from one of your fellow alumni

“We work in the NICU at St. Luke’s downtown in a little room we call the Nutrition Room. We mix breast milk and donor milk with fortifiers for premature infants and we mix formulas for babies and children within the rest of the children’s hospital. This involves:

  • Measuring breast milk in cylinders and measuring fortifiers in syringes and mixing together the two in bottles for our patients, which we deliver to fridges on the NICU floor, as well as the pediatric units.
  • We pick up breast milk daily from floor fridges, organize the milk in our fridge and freezers in the room.
  • We also keep track of patients and their diet orders, clarifying with dietitians and nurses about changes to their order or any discrepancies we might notice in their order in their chart.
  • We make labels for the mixed bottles, take fridge temps and keep stock of formulas and fortifiers. The job can be fun but also can be very focused and intense sometimes.
  • We rarely get to sit down all day, so the job would be good for someone who is able to be on their feet quite a bit.
  • We don’t have much contact with babies, for those who might be looking for that sort of job. However, we do get to peek at them whenever we are in a patient room delivering milk or speaking with nurses.
  • Occasionally, we get to get to teach the parents or guardians how to mix their babies’ milk at home so they can keep growing and thrive outside of the hospital.
  • We are a part of the clinical nutrition team, working alongside dietitians and gaining lots of experience with them.

This job will likely be exciting for anyone interested in nutrition, lactations, babies, children, pharmacy or laboratory work. Personality traits that are good for the job are attention to detail, open communication, and organization. We also have to do a lot of math, in order to calculate exactly how much of each fortifier needs to go in the milk. So it’s an extra plus if the individuals applying like to do math problems as well”

If you wish to apply for this position please make sure that you have either had food service and/or customer service experience on a resume for better success in gaining this experience.

Position has been filled as of 4/21/2020