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Online Course Option

This Online Course is Perfect For

  • PRE-Physician Assistant
  • PRE-PT & Other Allied Health Fields
  • Biomolecular Science Students
  • Biomedical Engineering Students
  • Kinesiology Graduate Students

Course Description:

This course will provide undergraduate and graduate students with advanced exposure to the endocrine system and its responses to acute physical stress. Management of metabolism, cardiovascular system function, and hydration status are areas of particular emphasis.

This course is designed for students seeking professional degrees in the allied health sciences, and those seeking advanced knowledge in the area of exercise endocrinology.

The course content will be of particular value to pre-med/pre-dent students preparing for MCAT and DAT exams and is equally valuable to students pursuing careers as personal trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists and physician assistants.

Can be found in the Fall 2020 schedule of classes Monday, March 9th.