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Looking for a unique internship opportunity?

peregrene falconInternships for Credit Offered by The Peregrine Fund

The Peregrine Fund is offering internships each Fall and Spring semester and Summer break (14-15 weeks) to graduate and undergraduate students. This program will provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain real-world experience working within a science-driven conservation organization that values public engagement. Students will work closely with professional researchers at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey as we implement the Global Raptor Impact Network (GRIN) and revolutionize how raptor science is conducted and disseminated around the world.

Interns must be available for 9-10 regularly scheduled hours/week between the hours of 9:30 AM-4:30 PM Monday through Thursday during their stated internship semester (14 or 15 weeks in duration). Please note that students who are awarded internships will be responsible for completing the necessary paperwork, including a background check, and arranging payment for credit hours at their institution if the student wishes to receive course credits from their institution. This is an unpaid internship and course credit is optional: Typically, 3 course credit hours may be awarded for 135 hours participating in the internship, but this may vary by institution and department. For example, BSU’s VIP program will award a maximum of 2 credits. Preference is given to students who can commit to 9-10 hours per week, regardless of the number of credit hours awarded by your institution. Students seeking BSU VIP credit will be considered alongside all applicants and so must submit the application accordingly.

Students with an interest in biology, conservation, environmental education, natural resource management, or statistics are encouraged to apply to the Data Analysis and Outreach positions. Students with an interest in library science, collections management, information technology, ecology, or conservation are encouraged to apply to the research library position.

9-10 hours/week Monday-Thursday for the duration of the stated semester (~135 total hours). Must have reliable transportation to the World Center for Birds of Prey. *Exceptions made during COVID related stay-at-home orders.

Three positions are currently available

  • Data Entry and Analysis Internship
  • Outreach and Environmental Education Internship
  • Research Library Internship

Applications for the Summer 2020 semester must be received by Monday, May 18, 2020.
Applications for the Fall 2020 semester must be received by Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

To Apply

  1. Fill out your basic information in this APPLICATION FORM. Note that you will need to include the email address for at least one professional reference (e.g., prior supervisor or educator).
  2. Within the application form, upload a letter of interest explaining why you are interested in this
    position and how your training and/or education has prepared you for this position.
  3. Within the application form, upload a 1-page resume with your work and education experience.
  4. Please save and upload your letter of interest and 1-page resume as PDF documents with the following naming format: “LastName_FirstName_Letter” or “LastName_FirstName_Resume”

Questions may be directed to

GRIN Internship Descriptions

As a Peregrine Fund Intern, YOU will gain:

  • An understanding of the threats and conservation solutions facing raptors worldwide
  • Invaluable connections with experts in the field of raptor conservation and research
  • Real-world experience working within a science-based international conservation organization

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Must be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate program in a field related to biology,
    environmental science, library science, or education
  • Must be a team player with a positive attitude
  • Must have excellent work ethic and have great attention to detail
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel (esp. for Data Entry and Analysis intern)
  • Skills in video editing, compilation, and sharing highly preferred (for Education and Outreach intern)
  • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign a plus (for Education and Outreach intern)
  • Experience working in a library (for Research Library Intern)
  • Pass a background check

Data Entry and Analysis Intern

Position Summary: The Data Entry and Analysis Intern will work to make long-term datasets useful to the science and conservation community in perpetuity. This work will require regular communication with the field researchers that collected these data to ensure high quality and organized data entry. The successful candidate will be proficient with Microsoft Excel. Intern will work with scientists at The Peregrine Fund to perform analyses of the data at the end of the internship.

Environmental Education and Outreach Intern

Position Summary: The Environmental Education and Outreach Intern will work with research scientists to communicate, disseminate, and promote our scientific findings to public audiences. Tasks include creating promotional content, social media posts, and occasional in-person appearances at The Peregrine Fund’s education center (World Center for Birds of Prey). The successful candidate will have excellent writing skills and preferably, some graphic design and video creation and editing skills.

Research Library Intern

Position Summary: The intern will help to inventory, curate, and disseminate material in The Peregrine Fund’s Research Library. They will receive requests from Peregrine Fund staff for scientific literature and fulfill those requests either by scanning material in the Research Library or accessing Boise State University’s Interlibrary Loan system. The intern will also help to identify and disseminate duplicate material in The Peregrine Fund’s collection.

WHY The Peregrine Fund?

The Peregrine Fund was founded in 1970 to restore the Peregrine Falcon, which was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List in 1999. That success encouraged the organization to expand its focus and apply its experience and understanding to raptor conservation efforts on behalf of more than 100 species in 65 countries worldwide, including the California Condor and Aplomado Falcon in the United States. The organization is nonpolitical, solution-oriented and hands-on, with a mission to restore rare species through captive breeding and releases, improve capacity for local conservation, conduct scientific research and environmental education, and conserve habitat. You can learn more about The Peregrine Fund at

The Global Raptor Impact Network (GRIN) is The Peregrine Fund’s comprehensive data collection, safe-guarding, and analysis enterprise. GRIN streamlines how raptor biologists around the world are collecting, sharing, and analyzing data. The GRIN mobile app collects and organizes virtually all types of monitoring data for every named raptor species on Earth into a single comprehensive database. Monitoring capacities are all-encompassing and include nest site monitoring data, mark-resight studies, mortality observations, and much more. This is revolutionizing the raptor community’s ability to understand ranges, population trends, and real-time threats to raptors at a global scale. GRIN is filling in critical knowledge gaps so that conservation policies and actions can be implemented at timescales meaningful for species’ continued survival.