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Board of Ambassadors Advisory Council

The Board of Ambassadors’ mission is to communicate directly to the Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Boise State University regarding strategic issues and to advocate and access resources for the benefit of the College.  As community and organization leaders, ambassadors share their knowledge and experience with the Dean and learn about the opportunities and challenges the College faces.  Ambassadors promote the College, its vision, its programs, and its people to the community and connect leaders and students to companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, college alumni, friends and government officials in ways that will enrich programs, people and places.


  • Dick Armstrong

    Richard Armstrong

    Retired Director

    Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
  • Ed Dahlberg

    Ed Dahlberg

    Retired President and CEO

    St. Luke's Health System
  • Tim Dunnagan

    Tim Dunnagan

    Dean of College of Health Sciences

    Boise State University
  • Marty Gabica

    Martin J Gabica

    Retired Chief Medical Officer

    Healthwise Boise, Idaho
  • Portrait of Zelda

    Zelda Geyer-Sylvia

    Retired Chief Executive Officer

    Blue Cross of Idaho
  • Steve Millard

    Steve Millard

    Retired President

    Idaho Hospital Association
  • Maryann Reese

    Maryann Reese

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Saint Frances Healthcare System Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  • Rodney Reider

    Rodney Reider

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
  • Chris Roth

    Christopher W. Roth

    Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

    St. Luke's Health System Boise, Idaho
  • Dave Self

    Dave Self

    Vice President

    St. Luke's Health Partners