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Faculty Presents Three Papers at International Ergonomics Conference

Uwe Reischl

Uwe Reischl, professor of health sciences, presented three research papers at the 4th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics held July 21-25 in San Francisco, Calif. The first paper, titled “Self-Inflating Mask Interface for Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation,” was co-authored with Lonny Ashworth, Lutana Haan and Conrad Colby of the Department of Respiratory Care. The second paper, titled “Spine Compression Characteristics Associated with Back-Pain Symptoms of Healthcare Workers,” was co-authored with Christine Swoboda, who received a master’s degree from the Department of Community and Environmental Health and is now manager of Industrial Medicine at West Valley Medical Center. The third paper, titled “Evaluation of Heat Transfer Using a Foot Manikin,” was co-authored with colleagues in the Faculty of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. The three papers were published in the 2012 AHFE Conference Proceedings and were the outcome of ongoing research conducted in the Ergonomics Laboratory of the Department of Community and Environmental Health.