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Boise State Researcher is Partnering with Healthwise to Help Test the Efficacy of Medical Decision Making Tools

Janet Reis, research professor and director of the College of Health Sciences’ Office of Research, is partnering with award-winning local company Healthwise to examine effective medical decision making. In a new contract through the Center for Health Policy, Reis will have a joint appointment with Boise State and Healthwise. Reis will spend 36 percent of her time working with Healthwise to plan studies assessing the effectiveness of shared medical decision making between patients and their health care providers.

“Healthwise engages patients in their medical care and this patient centered approach is the future of health care.” states Tim Dunnagan, dean of the College of Health Sciences. “We are excited to be partnering with Healthwise again.”

Healthwise, founded in 1975, is an award-winning, non-profit company dedicated to helping people make better health decisions. Their 350-page Healthwise® Handbook now has more than 28 million copies in print and in 2011 their information, distributed online through a variety of partner companies including WebMD, was used more than one billion times.

Healthwise is dedicated to testing their content with consumers and clinicians to make sure that it will help people understand their medical condition, assess potential risks, and make an informed health care decision. Additionally, their evidence-based research undergoes medical review processes and have set a gold standard for health content.

“Dr. Reis’ continuing collaboration with Healthwise further strengthens the Center for Health Policy’s partnership with an innovative health care organization that seeks to help people have more and better control of their health,” states Ed Baker, PhD, director of the Center for Health Policy.