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Department of Respiratory Care Submits Six Abstracts To American Association For Respiratory Care International Congress

Boise State University Department of Respiratory Care faculty members Lonny Ashworth, T.J. Wing, and their current and former students, submitted six abstracts in June to the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) International Congress. The authors expect to hear feedback from the AARC in August about their abstracts. The titles and authors are as follows:

“Measured Expiratory Resistance Of the Blue And Green Acapella Devices As Setting Is Increased From 1–5; Amplitude 20, 30, 40,” by Scott M. Hawkins, Amanda V. Wroblewski and faculty mentor Lonny Ashworth.

“Effect Of Increasing Patient Effort Simulated With an Electronic Test Lung On Tidal Volume During a Spontaneous Breathing Trial With Automatic Tube Compensation,” by Lonny Niejadlik, Kortnee Fleming and faculty mentor Lonny Ashworth.

“Effect Of Increasing Amplitude Using an Electronic Lung Simulator On Tidal Volume And Peak Inspiratory Pressure During Adaptive Pressure Control,” by Troy Lempesis, Douglas Stubbs Jr. and faculty mentor Lonny Ashworth.

“Comparison Of Oxymark Performance To Published Research,” by Jared B. Eardley, Melynda Lewis, Gwendolyn A. Hinten, and faculty mentors T.J. Wing and Lonny Ashworth.

“Performance Comparison Of Oxygen Delivery Devices In Patients With Varying Inspiratory Demands,” by Gwendolyn A. Hinten, Melynda Lewis, Jared B. Eardley, and faculty mentors T. J. Wing and Lonny Ashworth.

“Comparison Of Predicted Anatomic Deadspace And Measured Deadspace During Mechanical Ventilation Using the Drager Evita Infinity V500,” by Akio Kinoshita, Hutsuyo Ebisu, Junko Takada and faculty mentor Lonny Ashworth.