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Jaime Sand Publishes with Fellow Doctoral Students and Faculty Mentor

A College of Education faculty member and five education doctoral students, including a College of Health Sciences faculty member, have published an article in the International Journal of Higher Education. The article is “The intersection of preservice teachers’ confidence, perceptions, and ideas for using instructional technology for learning” and is available online.

The authors are Louis S. Nadelson, associate professor, Department of Curriculum Instruction and Foundational Studies, and doctoral students Darcie Bennett, Ezra Gwilliam, Catherine Howlett, Steve Oswalt and Jaime Sand, who is also a faculty member in the Department of Community and Environmental Health.

Research for the article was part of a Quantitative Research Methods course project used to help students learn how to do research by doing research. This is the fifth Quantitative Research Methods project accepted for publication from the course taught by Nadelson over four years. A sixth article currently is under review.