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Community and Environmental Health Researcher Helps Investigate Unique Student Populations at Boise State

Jaime Sand

Jaime Sand, an associate professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health, collaborated with Boise State library faculty members Marilia Antunez and Mary Aagard on a presentation titled,”Rediscovering Academic Libraries for Degree-Seeking Older Students” for the 2013 Idaho Library Association (ILA) conference in Nampa, Idaho.

The presentation was based on data collected from a survey, which assessed the use of student services by degree seeking Boise State students who are 50 and older. It addresses the unique aspects of this population in the university setting.

Sand assisted Antunez and Aargard with survey development and data analysis. Future research is anticipated to compare the most recent findings with a similar assessment of degree-seeking students under the age of 50, in order to understand whether older, non-traditional students would benefit from additional or different resources.

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