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Center for Health Policy Researcher Presents Work at American Public Health Association Meeting

Sandina Begic with poster at APHA

Sandina Begic, researcher at the Center for Health Policy, successfully presented at the 141st annual American Public Health Association meeting in Boston, Mass. Begic presented on the role of gender and traumatic experiences in predicting mental health problems in juvenile detainees. This presentation was a product of a multiyear evaluation project conducted by the Center for Health Policy in collaboration with the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. The presentation attracted many interested researchers, which allowed Begic to engage in informative and intellectually stimulating conversations with researchers from a number of academic institutions.

Poster citation:
Begic, S. Toussaint, L.L., Lindsay, S.J., Howard, E.K.M., & McDonald, T.W. (2013). Role of Gender and Traumatic Experiences in Predicting Mental Health Problems in Juvenile Detainees. Poster presentation at the 141st American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts.