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Health Sciences Riverside Building Hosts First-Grade Field Trip

Jaime Sand, associate professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health, coordinated a field trip to campus for a group of kindergarten and first-grade students from Hillside Academy in early February. The students were studying “community,” which includes learning about different professions.

Scott Staley, assistant professor in the Department of Radiologic Sciences, talked to the students about radiologic technologist careers. Staley guided the students in taking x-rays of phantom hands and feet, which are made of acrylic and actual or artificial bones but require the same amount of radiation as human tissue without exposing humans to radiation unnecessarily.

Lutana Haan, assistant professor, and Jody Lester, associate professor and chair of the Department of Respiratory Care, along with a few students from their program, discussed respiratory therapist careers with the students. They also provided stations for the students to rotate through to see and touch real pig lungs, to disassemble and reassemble an anatomic torso, and to use a bag valve mask.

To conclude the Boise State field trip, the students rode the shuttle to Albertsons Library for a short tour, followed by a walk to the Allen Nobel Hall of Fame to see the blue turf. According to the teacher, it was the “best field trip yet,” and the children were excited to tell their parents they touched real pig lungs.