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Respiratory Care Students Receive International Research Fellowship

In addition to four research posters being accepted for presentation at the upcoming American Association for Respiratory Care International Conference, one project will receive an international award.

Kari Armstrong and Sabina Gervais recently received an international award from the American Respiratory Care Foundation for their research “Idaho Pharmacy Practices as Related to Metered Dose Inhalers and Spacers.” The 2014 Monaghan/Trudell Fellowship for Aerosol Technique Development is intended to support projects dealing with aerosol delivery issues, with a focus on developing cost-effective approaches to aerosol delivery. This fellowship was begun in 1993 with a grant from Trudell Medical, Monaghan Medical in the United States, a major international manufacturer and distributor of aerosol related equipment. The students will receive a crystal sculpture from Monaghan/Trudell.

The posters that will be presented in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 9 – 12 are:

  • Idaho Pharmacy Practices as related to Metered Dose Inhalers and Spacers. Kari Armstrong and Sabina Gervais. Faculty advisor:  Lonny Ashworth.
  • Evaluation of Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrators and varying Flow Rates. Grace Hofmann, Kelsey Braden and Leo Ivy. Faculty advisor:  Lonny Ashworth.
  • Evaluation of Learning Styles for Patients with COPD. Jennifer Gilbert, Miah Nystrom, and Megan LoPiccolo. Faculty advisor:  Lonny Ashworth.
  • Manual versus Mechanical Percussion. Brianne Larango, Shawn Case, Kyler Wilson, and Lirlande Frederick. Faculty advisor:  Lonny Ashworth.