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Alyssa Reynolds Presents at 2015 Strengthening Families Training Institute

Alyssa Reynolds

Alyssa Reynolds, scholars coordinator for the School of Social Work, facilitated a cultural humility and ethics workshop at the 2015 Strengthening Families Training Institute on March 18 at the Boise Hotel and Convention Center.

Reynold’s 90 minute workshop introduced the concept of cultural humility by utilizing segments of the documentary film People, Principles, and Practices by Vivian Chavez. Through small and large group discussion, Reynolds facilitated the group to connect the principles of lifelong learning, critical self-reflection, and recognizing and changing power imbalances with the code of ethics principles and standards of the National Association of Social Workers and with the social workers code of professional conduct of the Idaho Bureau of Licenses.

The 16th Annual Statewide Training Event was presented by the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund and Prevent Child Abuse Idaho and was titled Two Days of Hope and Resilience. The goal of the event was to teach attendees how to overcome toxic stress in order to build familial resilience and foster growth and change.

Reynolds has been the contract IV-E Scholars Coordinator for the past three years through a contract between the School of Social Work and the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW). She recruits and informs IDHW employees and non-employees who are passionate and highly invested in child welfare as their career about the opportunity to access a stipend while they are completing their bachelor or master of social work field practicum. As part of her coordinator role, Reynolds is an adjunct instructor and teaches a bachelor and masters of social work field practicum seminar for IV-E stipend recipients. In addition, she is their faculty field liaison which includes providing support to the student and their agency field instructors.