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School of Nursing Sends First Four Participants to American Association of Colleges of Nursing Student Policy Summit

The School of Nursing sponsored four graduate nursing students to attend the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Policy Summit on March 22-24 at Park Hyatt Washington in Washington DC.

Only 200 students were selected nationwide, and this was the first time for any Boise State students to be present. The sponsored graduate students were:

  • Kristy Schmidt: Masters of Population Health Program
  • Andrea Rashad: Doctorate of Nursing Program
  • Anquinette Cray: Doctorate of Nursing Program
  • Aliyya Behles: Doctorate of Nursing Program

The AACN Student Policy Summit is a three-day conference held in Washington DC and is open to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students enrolled at an AACN member institution. Students who attend the student policy summit are immersed in a program session focused on the federal policy process and nursing’s role in professional advocacy.

Rashad found the AACN Student Policy Summit to be “an amazing program which inspires nursing students to become policy minded nursing leaders.” The students were able to meet with Senator James Risch’s assistant chief of staff to discuss Idaho’s need for more nurses.

“I left the summit motivated to be a positive force within my local community,” said Rashad. I learned from the summit that the constituents really have a voice, but need to use it. I do not foresee myself relocating to DC, however I do see myself stepping up my responsibility locally by educating my community on the Affordable Care Act and teaching other nurses the power we have. I learned from the summit that we are the most trusted profession with over three million members, however we only have four members of Congress who are registered nurses and only 36 percent of nurses voted in the last election. These numbers I am motivated to help change. I am so thankful and grateful for this experience.”