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Scrap Metal Transforms into Scholarship Money

How can you turn scrap metal into scholarships? The answer is to give your scrap metal to the John William Jackson Foundation.

For the past several years, Boise State has partnered with the Idaho Youth Education Recycling Partnership (iYERP) and its umbrella organization, the John William Jackson Foundation, to collect scrap metal. The scrap metal is  taken to Pacific Steel and Recycling and “recycled” into scholarship funds for students.

The John William Jackson Foundation awards gifts or grants to many community projects including Boise State. Approximately 25 percent of all the money the John William Jackson Foundation donates to the university goes to College of Health Sciences scholarships in areas such as kinesiology, nursing, pre-occupational therapy, radiologic sciences, and respiratory care.

Have some scrap metal that you’d like to put to good use? Consider donating your metal to the John William Jackson Foundation by:

  • Reviewing whether or not your scrap will be able to be recycled;
  • Dropping your scrap metal off at an iYERP container, three of which are located on the Boise State campus;
  • Contacting the program to arrange a pick up of your scrap metal, including construction materials, junk cars, and copper wire;
  • Take your recycling material to Pacific Steel and Recycling and tell them you’d like to donate to the John William Jackson Fund.