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TakePart Digital Magazine Highlights Community and Environmental Health Faculty

Cynthia Curl, Community and Environmental Health, Studio Portrait

TakePart published an article highlighting Cynthia Curl, assistant professor for the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Community and Environmental Health, and her research on the benefits of organic eating and the effects of pesticide consumption in children.

The article appeared on TakePart’s website on March 14. It detailed Curl’s 2003 research on pesticide consumption in children in Seattle, performed while she was earning her PhD  in environmental and occupations health sciences at the University of Washington.

In the article, Curl commented on how her 2003 research was groundbreaking. “Up until then people had thought there wasn’t really any difference between (eating) organic and conventional (food). […] This was the first study to show there was a measureable difference based on whether you had an organic or conventional diet.”

The article also highlighted Curl’s most recent research: measuring the effects of conventional and organic diets on expecting mothers and their children.

Curl continues to research the effects of organic foods on the body. Read more about her research here.