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Diagnostic Radiology Students Immensely Successful at Annual Conference

1st Place Poster: Sarah Johnston, Garrett Hanna, Amanda Francis
1st Place Poster: Sarah Johnston, Garrett Hanna, Amanda Francis

Five separate groups of Boise State diagnostic radiology students placed in the top three spots for both research papers and poster presentations at the Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists (ISRT) annual conference in Twin Falls, Idaho on April 1 and 2. The students took home second and third place in the conference’s research paper competition, and swept the poster presentation competition.

Research paper competitors Tavia Saenz, Ashley Broad, and Daniel Johnson placed second place with their paper, “Protective Quality of Composite Lead Equivalents.” Ashley Barrett, Mar Parkinson, and Amber Sanford placed third with their paper, “Likelihood of Visualizing Glass Shards in X-rays.” A total of eight papers were accepted for the research paper competition.

In the poster exhibit competition, Amanda Francis, Garrett Hanna, and Sarah Johnston placed first for their research poster, “Cumulative Dose in NICU Patients.” Cassie Herd, Jason Thurston, and Chad Waddington placed second for their research poster, “Efficiency of Leaded Eyewear Between Standard C-Arm Positions.”  Anne Powell, Megan Tualaulelei, and Kimberly Forsythe placed third for their research poster, “Repeat/Reject Analysis in Computed Radiography.” A total of eight poster presentations were accepted for the research exhibit competition.

ISRT is a membership society for all professionals in medical imaging. They are an affiliate of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, and work as advocates with others to promote quality patient care in Idaho. The annual conference is held each year for members to have an opportunity to share common goals and enhance their education.

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