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Nursing Faculty Receives Publicity for Virtual Reality Gaming Technology

Ann Butt, Nursing, studio portrait
Ann Butt

Anthony Ellertson, director of the Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology program in the College of Innovation and Design, and Ann Butt, a clinical associate professor in the School of Nursing, were interviewed by several local media outlets regarding their new virtual reality gaming technology to help nursing students practice medical procedures, like catheter insertion, in a virtual reality environment. The full name of their project is Virtual Reality Nursing Simulation with Custom Haptic System for Patient Safety.

On Monday, April 25, the Idaho Statesman ran an article highlighting the duo’s work on the virtual reality learning aid (paywall), while explaining the game’s cost-effectiveness and highlights how students responded to the new virtual reality technology.

On Tuesday, April 26, KTVB Channel 7 interviewed Ellertson on the future of hands-on learning for nursing students.

On Wednesday, April 27, KNIN Channel 9 also was on campus interviewing Butt, Ellertson and students involved with field testing the haptic nursing technology.

Last fall, the duo was awarded a national education award for their work. You can read about their national award on the Boise State news website.