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Counseling Services Sponsors ‘Sober Spring Break’

University Health Services’ Counseling Services sponsored a variety of “Sober Spring Break” activities for the Boise State community from March 21 through March 26 in an effort to support a safe and sober university community. These efforts were made possible through grant funding by Transforming Youth Recovery, a nonprofit organization that supports educators, parents, and community members in helping students in recovery thrive in the fullness of everyday life.

Activities were chosen that promoted the ability to have fun without the presence or use of any substances.  A total of six events were held with varying degrees of participation.

  • “Kickoff Coffee”: Students were given a token for a free Starbucks beverage at the library and a flier about the weeks activities. The “purchase” of the beverage was an effort to remind the campus community of the activities that would ensue throughout the week.
  • “Unwind with Yoga”: Two yoga certified instructors lead participants in breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises. There was great feedback about students not only enjoying the activity, but also how much they liked the view from the Lookout Room in the Student Union Building.
  • “Bowling and Pool”: Participants were able to enjoy free bowling and pool in the Student Union Building while also eating pizza and drinking soda in a safe and sober atmosphere.
  • “Craft and Game Night”: Participants were welcome to choose their entertainment for the night via playing a game or choosing a craft to complete.
  • Hiking Table Rock: Participants got out for a breath of fresh air on a Friday night.
  • “Family Swim”: Participants and their families were invited to swim at the recreation center for free.

Approximately 95 participants in total attended the Sober Spring Break activities, and Counseling Services hopes to be able to promote similar activities in to continue supporting a safe and sober campus community.