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Housing Welcomes New COHS Faculty in Residence

There is an influx of new student faces in the residence halls this semester, along with some new and familiar faculty who also are living there. The Faculty in Residence (FIR) program was established to create better opportunities for students in the housing community to connect with professors outside of the classroom. The University Housing Living and Learning Community is pleased to welcome and introduce the 2016-2017 Faculty in Residence for this academic year, two of which are with the College of Health Sciences.

Caile Spear

Caile Spear, professor for the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Community and Environmental Health, is in her second round as a FIR for the Health Professions Residential College. Spear has worked for Boise State for 21 years and is a professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health. She was a FIR from 2007-2009 and chose to come back because of her commitment to forging close relationships with students, helping them succeed and increasing student retention. Spear and her husband strongly believe the living and learning communities are vital in providing an environment for new students to grow and feel part of the community.

“It’s a great way to personally connect and mentor students and see them as something more than just people in your class. You see them for their wonderful personalities, their quirks and their excitement to be here . It’s a great opportunity to have a positive impact on students’ lives, but you learn about yourself, too. It’s a mutual learning and living environment and to me that’s powerful,” Spear said.

Tim Kempf

Tim Kempf, clinical assistant professor for the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Kinesiology, is the Bronco Fit Living-Learning Community Faculty out of Residence (FOR). Kempf has taught at Boise State for five years and is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology. As a strong supporter of the Bronco Fit initiative, he thought that the FOR position would be an excellent fit. Kempf feels that the Living and Learning Community is an invaluable resource for students.

“I appreciate the objectives of the living and learning community program, which are to support incoming freshmen students, help them make connections with faculty, and do so in the context of discussing and promoting wellness,” he said. “I am hoping to make a real contribution to the lives of each individual living and learning Community student in the Bronco Fit community, as well as share the field of kinesiology and wellness.”

The other 2016-2017 Faculty in Residence include:

  • Kelly Arispe: third year FIR and assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of World Languages.
  • Joe Champion: assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics.
  • Andrew Giacomazzi: professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and the associate dean for the School of Public Service.
  • Jon Krutz: professor in both the Department of Marketing and Finance and the Boise State Graduate College in the professional MBA program.
  • Krishna Pakala: third year FIR for the Engineering and Innovation Living-Learning Community, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, and faculty associate for mobile learning in the Center for Teaching and Learning’s IDEA shop.

Adapted from a story by Becca Burke.