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Human Performance Lab to Host Discounted Body Composition Testing Day

The School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Kinesiology’s Human Performance Lab (HPL) will be hosting a discounted body composition testing day on Saturday, November 5 from 8 am to 5 pm at the HPL.

HPL's BodPod
HPL’s BodPod

Body composition testing determines the percentage of fat and fat-free mass in the body. Understanding the amount of fat-free mass gives one insight into how much muscle an individual has. The value can be used to estimate an individual’s resting metabolic rate, which can aid in developing weight gain/control/loss programs. Body composition testing also measures fat mass which provides insight into risk for certain diseases associated with higher fat mass, such as diabetes and heart disease.

The HPL staff will use their “BodPod” using air displacement to determine body composition. The test is safe and noninvasive.

Participants must be over 18 years of age. Individual time slots will be available every 10 minutes. A full test requires five minutes, abstaining from food or drink three hours prior to testing, and an airtight suit to wear (Speedos, lycra-type swimsuit, lycra shorts without padding, or an air-tight tank top without padding will suffice). Changing facilities are available near the HPL if needed.

Discounted prices for each body composition test vary:

  • $20.00 with a donation of two cans to the Idaho Foodbank AND one coat for Coats for Kids
  • $25.00 with a donation of two cans to the Idaho Foodbank OR one coat for Coats for kids
  • $30.00 fee without donation

Proceeds from the event will benefit the HPL equipment and scholarship fund, Kinesiology 580 hyperbaric physiology scholarship for the study abroad trip to Honduras, the Idaho Foodbank, and Coats for Kids.

Register and schedule a time on the Human Performance Laboratory website.

Consent forms and payment will be collected at the event.