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Assistant Professor Cynthia Curl Quoted in Two News Articles

By Samantha Maxey

Cynthia Curl

Cynthia Curl, an assistant professor for the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Community and Environmental Health, has been quoted in both Civil Eats and Bloomberg News.

Civil Eats is a news source that inspires critical thinking about the American food system. Curl was quoted in “Can Organic Food Prevent a Public Health Crisis?.” The article focuses on the negative effects of pesticides used on conventional produce and the benefits of eating organic produce. Curl was quoted in a portion of the article that discusses the findings of a European study on some of these negative effects.

Bloomberg News is an international news agency that focuses on a broad range of topics. “How Organic Produce Can Make America Less Healthy” focuses on the pros and cons of a list of conventional produce that contains “the least amount of pesticides” and are “safest” to eat. The article states that, while it’s intentions are good, the article may have the huge downside of discouraging the public from eating any fruits and vegetables. Curl was quoted many times on her knowledge of certain dangerous pesticides. She also said that the list does a good job of warning consumers about the dangers of large amounts of pesticides, but it could discourage the public from buying other fruits and vegetables. At the end of the article, she urges everyone to continue to buy and eat fruits and vegetables of any kind, even if organic produce is unaffordable for individuals.