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Department of Radiologic Sciences Celebrates Awards From the Idaho Society Radiologic Technologists Conference

Students with their research poster infront of B

A total of 24 students and two faculty, all from the Department of Radiologic Sciences attended the Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists annual conference in Twin Falls, Idaho on April 5 and 6. Three separate groups of students additionally received awards at the conference.

The Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists is a membership society for all professionals in Medical Imaging. As an affiliate of the American Society of Radiological Technologists, they work as advocates to promote quality patient care in the State of Idaho. The society provides its members with educational opportunities and the means of networking and communicating information. At the annual conference, members have the opportunity to share common goals and enhance their education on a variety of topics relating to healthcare and medical imaging.

Students who won first place with their poster
First Place Winners of the Research Poster Competition

Students who attended the conference had the opportunity to listen to presentations, present research, and participate in competitions such as the the research poster competition and the student quiz bowl.

Two groups of students participated in the poster competition and received first and second place awards. Undergraduate students, Adam Berg, Michelle Violette, Brittany Blalock and Katherine Mckenzie won first place for their research poster “Thyroid or Paranoid” which discussed the potential harmful effects of radiation to the thyroid, especially in the pediatric population.

students posing with their research poster
Second Place Winners of the Research Poster Competition

Similarly, undergraduate students Sara Koehn, Jasmine Mussell, and Lauren Hon won second place for their research poster “Radiographic Imaging and Its Impact on Patient Infertility” which investigated if radiation has a lasting impact on fertility in men and women.

Additionally, undergraduate students, Kara Hansen, Abby Dunton, Rachel Christensen, and Lauren Mattaini won first place in the student quiz bowl at the conference, a friendly competition between Radiologic Sciences students who are asked a series of questions related to healthcare and medical imaging.

Students were supported at the conference by faculty mentors Catherine Masters, clinical associate professor for the Department of Radiologic Sciences and treasurer for the Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists, and John Lampignano, visiting scholar for the department of Radiologic Sciences.

“I am very thankful for our outstanding professors, who have supported our entire graduating class and have made a lasting impact on my education and career path,” said Mussell.

“Each of these achievements are incredible in regards to competing against so many other students,” said Lampignano. “More importantly, it provided our students an opportunity to become part of the vast medical imaging community. Students not only represented themselves well but they reinforced that Boise State University’s Radiologic Sciences program is one of the premier medical imaging programs in the U.S.”

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