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BroncoFit Financial Support Awardees Announced

BroncoFit financial support, a new program that was launched this year, gave campus departments the opportunity to apply for up to $500 to support a well-being initiative for their department employees.

BroncoFit received 32 department applications, an impressive and unexpected number. Awardees were selected based on several criteria, including the balance of several dimensions of wellness, the potential impact on employees, the sustainability of the initiative, creativity and the thoroughness of the application.

BroncoFit is pleased to announce the fully funded awardees:

  • Academic Advising and Support Services will be coordinating a month-long challenge incorporating all eight dimensions of wellness with their group of 30 employees.
  • The College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will be creating a wellness room in their building to be utilized by both employees and graduate students.
  • The College of Education’s Department of Literacy, Language and Culture will also be creating a mindfulness space in their building to be utilized by staff and students.
  • The College of Arts and Science’s Department of Anthropology will be hosting a faculty retreat outdoors before the fall semester begins.
  • The College of Arts and Science’s Department of English also will be hosting a faculty/staff retreat involving more than 100 employees.

In addition to the fully funded initiatives, there were several departments who received partial funding, and BroncoFit is working with many departments to support ideas and initiatives beyond funding.

BroncoFit is committed to the health and well-being of Boise State employees and appreciates the enthusiasm around this new program.