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Scott Moorcroft and Eric Martin Present at North American Coach Development Summit

Portrait of Eric Martin
Eric Martin
Scott Moorcroft

Scott Moorcroft, director of the Master of Athletic Leadership program, and Eric Martin, co-director of the Center for Physical Activity and Sport, collaborated on two presentations at the North American Coach Development Summit that took place in Colorado Springs June 17-19.

Moorcroft’s presentation, titled “Merging Culture with Mission: A Case for Healthy Youth Sport Programs,” focused on the merger of the Boise Nationals and FC Nova soccer clubs into a single organization, the Boise Timbers/Thorns. Moorcroft’s presentation gave an overview of the merger process, including identifying shared values and creating a mission for the new club, providing reflections on what worked well and what needed improvement one year following the merger, and offering lessons learned for other sport organizations who might face a similar opportunity.

Martin’s presentation, titled “Backwards Design and Certificate Level Approaches to Coach Development in Higher Education,” focused on the creation of the Certificate in Sport Coaching offered through the kinesiology department. Specifically, his presentation focused on the formation of program-level learning outcomes and provided recommendations for sport developers who are in charge of coaching education programs.

Scott and Eric stnading infront of their presentation