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Blue Sky Institute to Facilitate Strategic Plan for the Idaho Hospital Association

Animated photo of Downtown boise in Blue and Orange with words written "Boise State University Blue Sky Institute"

In an effort to bring together the hospital systems of Idaho, Boise State’s Blue Sky Institute has partnered with the Idaho Hospital Association to facilitate a strategic plan that allows for health systems within the state to connect with one another to better serve the community and focus on existing and emerging issues they expect to face in the future.

Blue Sky Institute is a collaborative institute at Boise State University between the College of Business and Economics, the College of Health Sciences, and the School of Public Service that harnesses the skills and resources at Boise State to create cross-disciplinary and cross-sector partnerships between the university and the Idaho community, to positively impact the community’s most entrenched social issues.

The partnership between the Blue Sky Institute and the Idaho Hospital Association is a part o f Blue Sky’s Population Health Pillar. As one of the three pillars that make up the institute, the Population Health Pillar aims to serve as a forum for the development, implementation, and validation of strategies that sought to improve public health and healthcare delivery within the community and across Idaho.

To further the effort of collaboration between these health systems, the Blue Sky Institute is facilitating a strategic plan with the Idaho Hospital Association Board of Directors through researching ways in which the association could better provide for the community, and solve community health related problems as a cohesive team for the state.

“The partnership between the Blue Sky Institute and the Idaho Hospital Association is creating a safe space to help facilitate conversations surrounding existing and emerging issues of healthcare in the state of Idaho,” said Kodi Romero, program manager for the Blue Sky Institute. “Currently, our goal over the next three to five years will be to help the Idaho Hospital Association form a plan of execution when faced with these health system problems so that the people of Idaho can receive the best healthcare possible.”

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