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Athletic Training Symposium With David Redinger

David Redinger is an alumni of the Athletic Training program at Boise State. Rather than choosing to conduct traditional research for the Athletic Training program, Redinger decided on third party reimbursement for his research topic.  After graduation, Redinger worked closely alongside Kinesiology professor, Dave Hammons, who mentored and helped him throughout this process.  He began by sending out a survey to members of the Idaho Athletic Trainers Organization to gauge interest in third party reimbursement.

Third party reimbursement is defined as reimbursement for services given to a person in which a third party is responsible for the payment.  The Center of Medicaid Services does not recognize athletic trainers as billable providers like they do, for example, physical therapists.  There are states where athletic trainers can bill, but Idaho is not one of them.  “I have always had an interest in third party reimbursement, specifically for athletic trainers.” notes Redinger.

The data yielded was presented at the Idaho Athletic Trainers Association summer symposium.  Due to COVID-19 , the symposium was held virtually.  The results of the survey were positive and Redinger plans on moving forward with pushing for third party reimbursement in Idaho.

The American Medical Association recognizes athletic trainers as healthcare providers, while the Center of Medicaid Services does not.  Redinger is passionate about this topic.  His goal in doing this research and speaking at the summer symposium was to advocate for his profession.  He strives to align his profession with other healthcare providers.