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Student Job and Internship Opportunity with the Return of Summer Youth Sports Program

Two young boys play soccer on campus during Summer Youth Sports program
Soccer during Boise State’s Summer Youth Camp 2017, Kristen McPeek Photo

The Summer Youth Sports Program is back in 2022 with the opportunity to work with participants ranging from five-14 years old. The program is focused on helping children develop foundational skills in various sports and recreation activities. Included in the program are field, gym and racket sports, as well as rock climbing, mountain biking, outdoor adventuring, team building, recreation gaming, and rhythmic movements. Instructors will be responsible for instructing youth as they learn the skills to participate in these activities.

There will be three two-week sessions, from June 6 – July 22. This is a great part-time job opportunity. Kinesiology students can use this as a paid internship to satisfy requirements for KINES 293 or KINES 493. Students of any discipline are also encouraged to apply for positions within the program.

For those interested, the application can be found online.
Please direct any questions to program director Kevin Blume at