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Student Aaliyah Corona Helps Students Successfully Apply for Graduate Schools

Aaliyaho Corona

Junior Aaliyah Corona wanted to learn more about the College of Health Sciences and get more involved with her major, pre-radiology, and becoming a student advisor allowed her to do all that and more. She mainly advises students in pre-health pathways regardless of their major. The pathways help students connect with advisors, other students on a similar career pathway and events and resources for successful graduate and professional school applications. Corona also advises for the general health studies degree and helps with required advising for incoming freshmen. Her favorite part of the job is being able to meet so many people and interacting with people from all types of backgrounds – and with her being a student as well, she feels that it’s much easier to relate and sympathize with those she advises.

Through working as a peer mentor, Corona has made more connections with her fellow advisors and the students and staff in the college, and found new ways to get involved with all the pathways offered. Along with that, she’s been able to understand what happens as you take classes for your major and what that means.

“I learned a lot more about what goes into a major – it’s not just the classes you have to take, it’s what you need in order to apply for graduate schools if you’re doing pre-med or pre-health,” Corona said.

Corona encourages students to make advising appointments more frequently, even if just to check in and make sure they’re on the right track to graduate. She also urges students to share as much information about what they’re wanting and to communicate with the advisors about their needs – her and her fellow advisors are there to help as much as they can, and want to know how to support each and every student the best way possible.

With so many pathways and degree options available in the college, a lot of students want to change majors or degree paths. As an advisor, Corona helps students complete the changes they want, but she also tries to help each student take what they’ve learned in previous classes and use it for their future classes. She walks them through the new steps they have to take to graduate and get into graduate schools, while still incorporating the credits they’ve earned already.

In her eyes, donations from Bronco Giving Day will help with funding guest speakers and more events to promote the different pathways in the college. Even as a peer advisor, Corona doesn’t get to work with students from all the degree programs, and she finds that events are the best way to get the word out and help engage current and future students with the program.
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