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Elevate Your Game With BroncoFit 181: Introduction to Basketball

Aidan Roth dribbles the basketball away from his defender.

At 7:30 a.m., twice a week, you will hear basketballs bouncing in BroncoGym as BroncoFit 181: Introduction to Basketball begins. This course, a full-semester length, one-credit course is open to all Boise State students, and basketball enthusiasts of all levels. The instructor, or coach Dan Goodall, helps meet students where they are and improve their knowledge of basketball.

Graduating senior, Aidan Roth, needed one more class to be a full-time student and looked for an elective to fill this gap. Although he was fairly new to basketball, he knew he enjoyed it and wanted to improve. He found BroncoFit basketball and decided to take the course.

Since starting the class he has noticed his skills improve. Specifically, he is seeing the court much better than before and is able to get his teammates involved. He has created connections with his teammates on and off the court, which has made classes more enjoyable and the games more competitive.

Aidan Roth rises up to shoot the ball

He also enjoys the way the class is taught, “Dan does a great job at keeping the class fun.” One of the ways he keeps the class fun is by allowing students to scrimmage often. They play against one another to enhance their skills and practice what they have learned from their instructor’s lessons, as well as lessons taught by their classmates. Each student is required to teach a drill or game to the other students in the course. Goodale enjoys this because it makes each semester unique as students come up with new ideas each time.

When asked what lesson he plans to teach his classmates, Roth wants to teach the class how to play “21.” This game involves multiple players, playing against one another with the goal of scoring 21 points before the other members of the game. Roth likes to play it, and thinks it will be a fun way to get his classmates involved.

BroncoFit 181: Basketball accepts all skill levels and encourages anyone to try. If you’re interested in signing up for a class or have questions about BroncoFit, you can contact BroncoFit Activities Coordinator, Kevin Blume at