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Strategic Plan

Where Are We Now?

To better understand how we accomplished our current success, a summary of the 2011 strategic plan is provided. This plan describes our vision, selected accomplishments and the strategies/tactics that were used during the past five years. This information is provided first so that readers understand our past which will help enlighten how we will proceed in the future. In short, this portion of the plan helps inform the development of our 2016 updated Strategic Plan.

Where Are We Going?

The 2016 strategic planning update required a definable destination with a map explaining the route to our aspirational vision. Our plan was initiated by first identifying the core values we collectively believe as a college. Next, the faculty and staff generated a vision that fit within the Boise State strategy, our community and the future of health care. Our vision is bold: to be the leader in educating professionals who advance life-long health in global communities. Next, our mission or “what we do” was articulated to describe broadly how we go about reaching our vision. These activities helped align the college so that we had a common focus and direction.

How Will We Get There?

With our direction realized, the remainder of the plan refined our efforts and processes into manageable slices. This portion of the document more specifically outlines the execution and action through clearly articulated goals and delegating responsibility for what needs to be addressed. College goals are further refined into objectives which create more faculty and staff involvement. The objectives are addressed through a series of targeted strategies and tactics. This process is directed at moving the needle toward our vision and measured through key performance indicators so that we can engage and evaluate progress on an on-going basis. In summary, the plan guides the quality faculty, staff and community partners in the College of Health Sciences who will ultimately address the vision.

Cover of 2016 Strategic Plan Booklet

Download a PDF copy of our Strategic Plan Booklet.