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COHS Alignment with Blueprint for Success Strategic Plan


Boise State’s College of Health Sciences is a priceless community resource. Equipping the health care professionals of the future with a relevant, cutting-edge education and needed marketable skills, in partnership with industry leaders, enhances the reputation of the university, improves the quality of life in the region and supports Idaho’s position in the nation and the world as a go-to destination to start businesses, cultivate families and productive relationships and put down roots. The college models what it teaches and researches: healthy and innovative ways of living, learning and working.

Our college has thrived throughout its history and our strategic plan will continue to move us forward over the next 3-5 years.

Tim Dunnagan
Dean, College of Health Sciences


To provide learning opportunities that unify people and resources to foster education and research that advances lifelong health in individuals and communities.


The Boise State University College of Health Sciences is the leader in educating professionals who advance life-long health in individuals and communities.


The University came together and developed an inclusive strategic plan and the Idaho State Board of Education approved it in June 2021. In Fall 2021, Dean Dunnagan responded to Provost Buckwalter’s request and asked all units and departments within the college to develop strategic plans that align with the university’s strategies and actions in ways that complement university goals in the Blueprint for Success. Below highlights some of our key strategies. Implementation is ongoing.

Goal 1:

Improve Educational Access and Student Success

COHS Approach:

Create access to new high-quality in-demand health related majors through diverse delivery platforms that include online, hybrid, part-time and face-to-face programming.

  • Expand full-time positions in the COHS advising office
  • Increase behavioral health services
  • Explore increased rural, Idaho connections
  • Explore PhD in Public Health, SPPH
Goal 2:

Innovation for Institutional Impact

COHS Approach:

Expand on the history of innovation in our approach to research, service, teaching, and administration throughout the college.

  • Innovative programing to serve all of Idaho and the nation
  • Create educational programs that foster creative solutions
Goal 3:

Advance Research and Creative Activity

COHS Approach

Grow impactful research and demonstration projects through an enhanced environment that nurtures research and demonstration projects

  • Expand graduate assistantships
  • Fill Endowed positions with Merrick professorship and DeMeyer chair
  • Accredit school of public health
Goal 4:

Foster Thriving Community

COHS Approach:

Enhance employee job satisfaction in the COHS through competitive compensation, DEI initiatives, quality leadership, job flexibility and opportunities for personal/professional growth.

  • Adjust salaries to align with current trends
  • Develop improved employee recruitment/retention packages
Goal 5:

Trailblaze Programs and Partnerships

COHS Approach:

Expand existing and develop new partnerships that support the college’s educational, research and service activities through advocacy, enhanced capacity, financial and other resources.

  • Create School of Nursing advising advisory board
  • Expand sponsored projects partnership with St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
  • Explore feasibility of interdisciplinary programming