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Physicians Task Force

As Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Boise State University, I am responsible to provide our communities with the highest quality graduates possible who directly impact the quality of care in the Treasure Valley and beyond. It is critical that I hear from area practitioners like you to make sure we are on the right track, which is why I have asked my team to create a Physicians Task Force. My intention with this group is to hear from Treasure Valley physicians representing as many areas of medical practice as possible to influence future educational innovations within the College of Health Sciences. Your input regarding current and future challenges is critical in order for us to continue providing highly-skilled and well-prepared graduates and I hope you will consider joining me in this effort.

Dr. Tim Dunnagan
Dean and Professor

*The task force meets three times per year in the Fall, Winter and SpringĀ 

Table of Task Force Members

Task Force List Updated 2/6/18. Use the search field to filter content.
Name Area of Expertise
Dr. Michael Adcox Nephrology
Dr. Cole Anderson Dentistry
Dr. Matthew Bender Dermatology
Dr. William Berquist Pulmonology
Dr. Patrice BurgessFamily Medicine
Dr. Charles Davis Family Medicine
Dr. William Dittrich Pulmonology
Dr. Robert FriedmanPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Michelle Gardner Family Medicine
Dr. Jon Getz Surgery
Dr. Ben Godfrey Pediatrics
Dr. William Jonakin Family Medicine
Dr. William Jones Urology
Dr. John Knochel Radiology
Dr. Eric Maier Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Maier Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Mallea Nephrology
Dr. Mark Meier Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Steven Mings Dermatology
Dr. Paul Montgomery Oncology
Dr. Elizabeth Prier Surgery
Dr. Michael Roach Family Medicine
Dr. Irvin Sackman Family Medicine
Dr. Lisa Scales Radiology
Dr. Kate Sutherland Pulmonology
Dr. Clifford Tenley Internal Medicine
Dr. Henry Thompson Pediatrics
Dr. Jon WagnildNephrology
Dr. Karl Watts Family Medicine