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University Manor – FAQ

The University Manor Apartments will no longer be available for occupancy after May 31, 2025 as part of the university’s strategic capital planning.

What is happening with University Manor Apartments?
Planning is ongoing for the next steps involving this property, as the university continues to explore various options for its future use.

When are University Manor Apartments going offline?
Summer 2025. Renewal after May 31, 2025 will not be an option.

When will I need to move out of my apartment at University Manor?
Residents who renew their lease or occupy University Manor Apartments for the 2024-2025 school year will be required to vacate the premises by May 31, 2025, in accordance with the expiration of your license agreement.

Will my license be renewed in May of 2025?
No, license renewals will not be available as of May 31, 2025. We advise current tenants to begin exploring alternative housing options. 

Will the University help me find housing?
We provide valuable off-campus resources to assist you in finding suitable housing options. You can explore the Boise State Off-Campus Housing Marketplace, which offers listings and information to aid in your search. 

If I find another housing option am I able to break my license with the University?
Yes, you have the option to be released from your lease if you secure alternative housing that begins before the end of your license term. To initiate the early release process, you’ll need to complete a Release Request Form in the Housing Portal and follow the steps for a proper check-out. Lease cancellation fees may apply. University Manor Apartment residents who request to be released on or after April 1, 2025 will be released from their license without penalty. Check-out requirements and move-out fees still apply.

What housing options are available to me?
We recommend exploring housing options through our Off-Campus Marketplace, which provides a range of off-campus housing listings. Here you can also find Boise State students who are seeking roommates.

How much notice do we need to give to vacate?
We request a 30-day notice for vacating your apartment. To provide this notice, you can complete a Release Request Form through your housing portal. Cancellation fees may apply. Checkouts prior to April 1, 2025, without a qualifying event (Section 11 of License Agreement), will be responsible for the $800 cancellation fee. 

Who do I reach out to about the move out process?
Please get in touch with us by emailing the front desk at to request details about the move-out process.

What happens to my security deposit?
Upon completing a proper check-out procedure, your security deposit will be refunded and credited back to your student account within 30 days of your move out, less any damage or cleaning fees.