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Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace

Boise State has partnered with College Pads to create Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace. Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace is a resource that will help students, faculty, and staff with their search for apartments near campus.

Compare Off-Campus Housing Options

Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace provides you with the tools to compare the largest selection of off-campus housing options and rooms for rent near campus, as well as a number of resources to assist in your search.

Narrow Your Search

Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace can help meet the specific needs of each renter. The platform includes filter features to help narrow your search by price, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc. Each listing also includes walk, bike, and bus times to different locations on campus so that you’ll know your daily commute.

Roommate and Sublease Pages

Roommate and Sublease pages that give you the ability to post and search for roommates, subleases, and temporary housing. These are available only to the Boise State community through your My Boise State login and password.

Renters Education Course

A Renter’s Education Course that teaches you the basics of living off-campus in Boise and things to be informed of before signing a lease.
Start your search for an apartment near Boise State today!

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Additional Resources

These resources are not endorsed by or affiliated with Boise State University. Resources are organized by proximity to Boise State campus.

Apartment NameApartment AddressApartment PhoneTypeDistance from Boise StateWebsite URL
VERVE Boise2001 W Boise Ave(208) 293-8043Apt.0.2 mileVERVE Boise
The Conservatory1076 S Denver Ave(208) 336-3020Apt.0.4 milesThe Conservatory
Identity Boise1825 W Beacon St(208) 416-2800Apt. 0.4 milesIdentity Boise
Vista Apartments1570 S Lusk Place(208) 999-3790Apt.0.5 milesVista Apartments
Eagle Pointe1837 W Boise Ave(208) 343-9800Apt.0.5 milesEagle Pointe
Uncommon Boise900 W Royal Blvd(208) 595-2527Apt.0.5 milesUncommon Boise
River Edge1004 Royal Blvd(208) 577-6425Apt.0.6 milesRiver Edge
Creek Bend1140 Colorado Ln(208) 344-9988Apt.0.7 milesCreek Bend
The Riverside Apartments1001 Leadville Ave(208) 342-0642Apt.0.7 milesThe Riverside Apartments
Iconic Village Apartments529 Rossi St(208) 342-2651Apt.0.9 milesIconic Village Apartments
The 208 Apartments989 Sherwood St(208) 336-8787Apt.0.9 milesThe 208 Apartments
Oregon Trail Village1630 Martha St(208) 336-8787Apt.1.0 milesOregon Trail Village
Civic Plaza190 E Front St(208) 344-7400Apt.1.0 milesCivic Plaza
Park Lane310 Redwood Ct(208) 342-1888Apt.1.0 milesPark Lane
The 951 951 E Front St(208) 395-0951Apt.1.1 milesThe 951
La Pointe1011 S La Pointe St(208) 433-1011Apt.1.1 milesLa Pointe
Logger Creek Apartments332 W Hale St(208) 384-0300Apt.1.1 milesLogger Creek Apartments
Ann Morrison Park Apartments1099 S Dale St(208) 368-7844Apt.1.1 milesAnn Morrison Park Apartments
Bannock Arms330 E Bannock St(208) 344-3770Apt. 1.1 milesBannock Arms
Clearwater Apartments660 S Clearwater Ln(208) 389-2110Apt.1.2 milesClearwater Apartments
The Huntington Apartments173 E Mallard Dr(208) 386-9565Apt.1.2 milesThe Huntington Apartments
The Fowler505 W Broad St(844) 379-6170Apt.1.4 milesThe Fowler
River Plaza1249 Grand Ave(208) 338-1667Apt.1.5 milesRiver Plaza
Chateau Apartments333 S Elm Ave(208) 345-6887Apt.1.5 milesChateau Apartments
River Quarry1618 S Loggers Pond Pl(208) 336-5700Apt.1.7 milesRiver Quarry
RiverWalk1689 Shoreline Dr(208) 336-8444Apt.1.9 milesRiverWalk
Auld Investment Apartments702 W Hays St(208) 342-7256Apt.1.9 milesAuld Investment Apartments (Link Not Available)
Laurel Park511 N Ave (208) 345-5455Apt.2.0 milesLaurel Park
The Cottonwoods1671 S Riverstone Ln(208) 342-2074Apt.2.1 milesThe Cottonwoods
Gekeler Farms3218 S Gekeler Ln(208) 331-3276Apt.2.6 milesGekeler Farms
Oak Park Village2888 Cherry Ln(208) 345-2625Apt.2.7 milesOak Park Village
Mount Vernon4703 W Kootenai St(208) 342-2371Apt.3.2 milesMount Vernon
The Agate House2902 W Agate St(208) 345-8615House1.8 milesThe Agate House
Evergreen Suites1225 S Euclid Ave(208) 384-1600Suites0.4 milesEvergreen Suites
Monterra Townhomes3960 S Federal Way(208) 344-3636Townhomes3.5 milesMonterra Townhomes