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GradGuard Renter’s Insurance

Gradguard Student Renter’s Insurance

We have partnered with GradGuard, which offers a College Renters Insurance Program that is specifically designed for students. As noted in the housing agreement, the institution is not liable for damages or loss that occur to your personal property. With GradGuard, personal property that is stolen or damaged by a covered cause of loss can be replaced. GradGuard College Renters Insurance also protects you financially in the event you unintentionally start a fire, discharge a sprinkler-head or cause other forms of large-scale, unintentional damage.

If you are interested, please visit their website or contact them directly:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is covered under GradGuard College Renters Insurance?
With GradGuard, you can receive coverage for personal property and personal liability. Your personal property can be covered anywhere in the world. Below are examples of personal property that is covered under the policy:

  • Personal Computers, Bicycles, TVs, Gaming Systems and more.
  • Clothing, Musical Instruments, Books and Supplies, Stereo Systems, Smartphones and Tablets.


What is liability coverage?
Liability coverage protects you financially from unintentional damage to your residence or bodily injury to others, if you are found legally liable. Here are some examples:

  • Your friend accidentally trips over the long board that you left in the middle of your room and breaks an arm.
  • You set off the sprinkler system in your residence hall, causing two entire floors to flood.
  • You start a grease fire in a kitchen that causes damage to your apartment.


Is renter’s insurance required for on-campus residents?
Renters insurance is not required but it is strongly recommended.


What happens if my stuff gets damaged by water, fire, or smoke and I don’t have insurance?
If your personal property gets damaged by water, fire, or smoke and you do not have insurance, then you may be financially responsible for replacing those items on your own.


What are the payment options for the GradGuard College Renters Insurance plan?
There are two convenient payment options that students can take advantage of:

  • Students can purchase an annual policy and pay for 12 months of coverage upfront. If they would like to cancel during the 12-month period, they will be eligible for a partial refund.
  • Students can also purchase a recurring monthly policy and cancel at any time. If they cancel their monthly-recurring policy, the payments and coverage would end as of the subsequent month.


Is this available for off-campus students? How do they enroll?
Yes! GradGuard offers renters insurance to students on or off campus! Your property management company or landlord does not need to be associated with your school for you to purchase a policy.


How do I purchase GradGuard after I have gone through the housing application process?
Anyone can visit at any time of year to obtain coverage.


How do I file a claim?

  • You will want to call 800-719-5915 and be ready to provide your policy number.
  • Your policy number will start with “RTH” and will be followed by 8 numbers.
  • You will be contacted by a claims adjuster within 2-3 business days to review your claim.

You should be ready to provide a detailed report of what happened. Here are some questions the claims adjustment may ask you:

  1. Who was involved?
  2. What happened?
  3. Where did the event happen?
  4. When did the event happen?
  5. How did the event happen?
  6. How much of your personal property was damaged?


How can I cancel a policy that is already set up for next year? Is there a penalty?
GradGuard does not penalize students at any time if they need to cancel a policy before it begins.


Where do I go to make changes to my policy? Can I make changes online without speaking to a representative?

  • Students who are insured through GradGuard can visit their online account ( to make any changes to their current policy.
  • If a student is unable to make the change they need or is having trouble, they are welcome to call and speak with a live agent during operational hours at 866-985-7598.
  • Students can also email for assistance.


I may be covered under a parent’s homeowners insurance plan. Why should I get a separate renters insurance plan?
While some homeowner’s insurance plans may offer coverage for students, additional coverage is sometimes necessary. Families should look over their homeowners insurance policy to determine whether there are limits associated with college students studying away from home. GradGuard College Renters Insurance has a special endorsement that provides protections tailored to a student’s needs. These protections include a deductible as low as $100, worldwide personal property coverage, no penalties for filing claims, and more.


Does my renters insurance policy terminate once I graduate or move out?
GradGuard is not notified when a student graduates or moves out of their residence. Students can cancel their policy anytime within their online account at or they can call 866-985-7598 to speak with an agent.