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Sophomore and Above Room Selection Process

Sophomore and Above Students Only

You’ll be notified via your Boise State email notifying you when the room selection process will begin. Once you receive the email, you can see your time slot in your Housing Portal. Room selection is a live process and rooms are continuously being added to and removed from the list of available rooms.

Room Selection

Self-assignment order:

  • April 4, 2023: All Honors students will be able to select rooms in the Honors College
  • April 5, 2023– All sophomore and above students who are unmatched or who have matched up with other students in their Housing Portal will be able to select rooms. Time slots will be ordered by application date

How to choose your room:

  1. Make sure you are matched up with your desired roommates. You can match through your Housing Portal.
  2. Log into Self Service at Housing Portal using your Boise State username and password
  3. From the Room Selection tab, select Select a Suite or Townhome
  4. Use the Hall drop-down menu to select a suite or townhome building (links for building floor plans are available for your reference)
  5. Select Find Available Rooms
  6. When the Rooms and Suites are visible, select Select Suite or Townhome and make your selections. To select for all roommates, select Select Suite. To choose individual rooms, select Select Room.
  7. Use the drop-down menu to place roommates in the individual rooms they want
  8. Select I Agree – Submit My Room Selection. The system won’t let you log in a second time, so be sure of your choices before you hit submit.

Once room selection closes, each roommate will receive an email notifying them of their housing assignment.

Changes to Assignments

Once you pick a room, it’s rare that we will be able to accommodate a room change until the 10th day of class in the fall semester.